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Sqn Ldr Abhai Pratap Singh Retd.

Jt Secy

After a road accident in 2007, he met with an accident and came on to Wheelchair due to Spinal Cord Injury. He stayed in the hospital for almost two years fighting the odds and finally came out in a wheelchair in 2009. He had the option to continue in the Air Force as a Ground Duty Officer but the fighter in him had different plans. He took voluntary retirement from the Air Force and started on his own.

After retirement, Sqn Ldr Abhai Pratap Singh (Retd.) not only established himself as a successful entrepreneur but also motivated several others like him to take life head-on. With an aim to help people cope with disabilities, he spearheads the movement to give equal opportunities to the disabled. 

Going through the issues and challenges faced by the Disabled Community, he understood that acknowledgement of the problems by society is the first step towards the Empowerment of the Disabled Community. He started Accessibility Awareness & Disability Advocacy in 2012.

During his initial years of working as a Disability Advocate, he came in contact with a group of Wheelchair Users, who were trying to professionally play the sport of Cricket. This is where he came to realise how sports can be a great medium of rehabilitation & mainstreaming of Disabled Individuals. Cricket being the most popular sport in the Indian subcontinent, provided him with an opportunity to spread awareness in society with the help of Cricket. Where several formats of Disability Crickets were already popular in India, nobody dared to think of Wheelchair Users because it is really difficult for Wheelchair Users to move around. He not only gave a platform to several enthusiastic Wheelchair Users an opportunity to play Cricket but also ensured that they were treated equals and provided with best of the facilities. Being a Wheelchair Users himself, he knew the difficulties faced by Wheelchair Users while going on an outstation tour. So he made it a point to provide accessible accommodation and travel options to Wheelchair users.


Sqn Ldr Abhai Pratap Singh Retd.
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