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Ravi Chauhan

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Ravikant Chauhan is a Physically Disabled National Cricketer. Mr. Chauhan assembled a core team of dedicated Disabled Cricketers from all over India and founded Physically Challenged Cricket Association of India (PCCAI).

Due to his efforts for creating the National Disabled Team of International Standards, PCCAI’s Physically Disabled Cricket Team under the leadership of Mr. Chauhan, visited Islamabad, Pakistan on 14th June 2012 & played several matches. Haryana-Hurricane Shri Kapil Dev, invited the team to his place before departure and conveyed his best wishes. The event was covered by both print and electronic media.

Seeing the enthusiasm to promote cricket among the Physically Challenged youths, Pakistani officials contacted Mr. Chauhan & showed great interest to play again and promptly made their visit to India in October 2012, and played with the Indian team near Delhi. In order to provide international exposure to Indian Disabled Cricketers, Team India, under the banner of PCCAI, again visited Pakistan to play a few cricket matches on the 3rd December, 2012, which is celebrated as International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The Pakistan Team visited India again in December 2013 and May 2014 to play matches with the Indian Team.

Later, Mr. Chauhan led the Indian Disabled Cricket Team visited South Africa and played six T20 matches with them. The matches were held between 1st July to 5th July 2014. The Indian Ambassador invited the team to the Indian Embassy at Pretoria, South Africa and also hosted a grand party.

With the very positive feedback from the Pakistan Cricket Control Board, Afghanistan Cricket Board contacted Mr. Chauhan and wished to play with the team. Later in May 2016, he invited the Afghanistan Disabled Cricket Team to Delhi to play the match. Afghanistan Cricket Board was impressed with his initiative, administration and enthusiasm. Later they invited the Indian Team to Kabul for a Triangular series being played between India, Pakistan and Afghanistan’s Physically Disabled Cricket Teams which was played from 20th July 2016 to 30th July 2016. The Physically Challenged Cricket Association of India under the leadership of Mr. Ravikant Chauhan, is the 1st to play and follow ICC cricket rules using a leather ball.

Former Indian Captain M.S.Dhoni, being the great admirer of the Indian Disabled Cricket Team’s initiatives, provided the cricket jerseys to all the team members who visited South Africa. For the very start, Mr. Chauhan made sure to organise matches between various Physically Disabled Cricket Associations all over India and conduct regular annual cricket tournaments at all India level just to mobilise the interest in the country for the differently abled people. Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka Cricket Boards also contacted PCCAI to promote disabled cricket.

Mr. Chauhan wishes to create awareness amongst general public and Cricket authorities about the cricketing skills and the abilities of differently abled players. He believes that Differently Abled Cricketers are equally talented as Able bodied Cricketers and should be treated as normal individuals like others. He has been working tirelessly to provide all the required facilities to players to excel in disabled Cricket and his plans includes to organise coaching and training for the disabled in Cricket by requesting and appointing some top cricketers of India.

The Indian Team participated in the World Series organised by the England Cricket Board with support from BCCI under the leadership of Mr Ravi Chauhan and won the Series in 2019.

Mr. Chauhan was amongst the very first Differently Abled Cricket Administrators to initiate talks with BCCI for development of a roadmap of Differently Abled Cricket in India.


Ravi Chauhan
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